Thursday, February 13, 2014

Songs for the Mal-Interred

The secret to the pull of Bachelors Grove is that is a truly paranormal location; that is, it can only be looked at, studied, researched, beheld from one angle at a time.  Like all paranormal phenomeona, focusing on Bachelors Grove with the tools of Science will always fall short--until Science itself changes its toolbox, as it always does--eventually. 

It may be many generations before Science adjusts its tools to look at Bachelors Grove with the goggles required to see it head-on, but in the meantime, we can look at the Grove through history, literature, poetry, religion, statistics, psychology, art and music--one angle at a time . ..  or a few, if the conditions are just right.

I've been delighted lately to work on a multitude of projects with Michael Esposito, an experimental musician known around the world for his research into the Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) or the "Voices of Unknown Origin."  With him, I've found I can look at the paranormal from more angles at once.  Naturally, it's wonderful in the true sense of the word.

When he realized how much I loved Bachelors Grove, he asked how he could help.  And so we are creating together a record for the dead there. 

This couldn't be just any record, because it's for those with neither voice boxes nor hands to touch nor ears to hear.  It couldn't be for anyone alive, because the dead there have had to share everything. This would have to be only for them, only for their "ears."

And so Michael came up with the idea of producing an "anti record"--something I hadn't known about before but which is apparently a staple of experimental music.  An anti record is a record that can't be played.  Either because it simply can't be because of the way it is built.  Or can't be because it would destroy your phonograph--or maybe even you--if you did. One of Michael's colleagues recorded the frequencies of deadly illnesses, along with notes on the theory that disease may be carried in these frequencies. 

Play at your own risk, indeed.

The Bachelors Grove record will be reconfigured to carry a message from the Grove, but this message, as usual, won't be heard by us.  Just as the true sentiments of the dead there hardly come through on "spirit boxes" or on film, neither will they here.  You won't be able to play this record, but that's fine, because it isn't for us.  I daresay, though, that you will be astonished by the piece of poetry that accompanies it. 

Right now, it's mundane work for me: sanding off record labels and grooves.  Which is really hard if you haven't tried it, as you probably haven't!  But it's little work with great love. 

We are very excited about this portion of the Lost in the Woods project and will share more information with you as it progresses.  In the meantime, you can see more of the work of Michael Esposito at  As always, thank you for your interest in Bachelors Grove.

Ursula Bielski

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